The 5 Most Alluring Tourist Spots In Kerala Every Tourist Should Visit

Discover the enchanting allure of Kerala, a gem in South India known as “God’s Own Country.” This coastal state is a haven of unspoiled tropical beauty, rich in unique culture and traditions. From tranquil backwaters and grand temple festivals to majestic elephants, Kerala offers a serene escape into nature’s embrace. Here are the top five destinations in Kerala that promise a memorable experience for every traveler.

Kerala Backwaters: A Serene Escape on the Water

One of the quintessential experiences in Kerala is a journey through its backwaters on a traditional houseboat. These floating abodes offer a unique vantage point to observe the lush landscapes and daily life along the water’s edges. For a truly immersive experience, consider spending a night on the houseboat; it’s an ideal setting for a romantic dinner or a peaceful retreat. Enjoy the convenience of onboard amenities like chilled beer and freshly cooked Indian cuisine, enhancing the leisurely pace of your backwater adventure.

Fort Kochi: A Melting Pot of Cultures
Fort Kochi, often referred to as the Gateway to Kerala, is a city steeped in history. This cultural melting pot has been shaped by Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, British, and Arab influences over the centuries. The city’s rich tapestry is evident in its diverse architecture and historical sites, attracting tens of thousands of visitors annually. Exploring Fort Kochi offers a glimpse into the complex layers of Kerala’s colonial past and vibrant present.

Munnar: High in the Clouds
Perched at an elevation of 5,250 feet, Munnar is a breathtaking hill station in Kerala’s Idukki district. Known for its cool climate, sprawling tea plantations, and quaint towns, Munnar is a paradise for nature lovers. The area is also home to the rare neelakurinji flower, which blooms every twelve years, offering a spectacular sight for fortunate visitors. The best time to visit Munnar is during the summer months when the weather is most favorable for exploring the scenic outdoors.

Idukki Arch Dam: Engineering Marvel Amidst Nature
The Idukki Arch Dam, not only the first but also the largest arch dam in Asia, stands as a testament to modern engineering. Located near the Cheruthoni barrage, this massive structure measures 650 feet in width and 554 feet in height. The dam’s surroundings are equally impressive, with the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary nearby, where visitors can spot a diverse array of wildlife, including protected species like elephants and tigers.

Kovalam Beach: Sun, Sand, and Surf
For beach enthusiasts, Kovalam offers one of the finest beach experiences in India. Since gaining popularity in the 1990s, Kovalam Beach has been a favorite for both locals and tourists looking to soak up the sun and enjoy the Arabian Sea’s soothing waves. The area has seen significant development in tourist facilities, offering high-quality services at competitive prices. Conveniently located just 30 minutes from Trivandrum, Kovalam Beach is an accessible escape for a relaxing day by the sea.

Kerala is a destination that caters to a variety of interests, from serene backwaters and vibrant cultural sites to breathtaking natural landscapes and lively beaches. Whether traveling solo, with family, or friends, Kerala promises an enriching and rejuvenating vacation experience.